Deposit list (Inactive)

Deposit and picking order list
Please read! If you see any errors by your name, please call and/or email me regarding them.
918 723-3052 (text also)

 This is a list of people who have placed deposits for a Lock-Eye puppy. They are listed in the order they were received. Some people send their deposits to me years in advance. Sometimes this is because they have another pup from me and know they want a 2nd when their current Lock-Eye is a few years older. Unless someone decides to get a puppy sooner than they indicated, those people won't be getting a puppy in the near future.

**Please note--- if you are listed as inactive and are considering a litter, please tell me when they are born (within 2 weeks), so that I can change your code to active. You are not obligated to get a pup from that litter, but it lets others on the deposit list know that you are interested in that litter. I won't be able to change you to active after a litter is 2 weeks old. It would have to be with the next litter born.

The picking order is determined by the date the deposit was received. By each person's name is a list of their puppy preferences.I won't hold anyone to a specific sex, color, litter or markings, **BUT**(And this is an important but!), if you have listed that you ONLY want a very specific quality, like Smooth haired, Rough coat, blue eyes, male only or female only, etc when I start down the deposit list, I will pass over you during the picking process if there aren't any pups in the litter that meet that specific criteria. If you change your mind prior to puppy picking about color,sex, markings or drive level, simply send me an email with your changes. (and check to see if I updated it on the deposit list.) If you think you might consider other qualities it is much better to write: Prefer rough coat, but would consider smooth or blue merle strongly preferred, but open to other colors, etc.

If you are far down on the list, keep in mind that not everyone wants the same personality, color, sex or drive level, so there will be the right puppy for each of you. There have been many times when someone totally last on the deposit list got their favorite pup.

I reserve the right to refuse to send a puppy to a home I don't feel it's suitable for. (i.e., a dominant puppy to a home with small children and/or a novice or "soft" owner, or a pet-type puppy in a top level Agility/performance home.) I want to help my puppy buyers select the perfect puppy for their goals. This is why I wait until the puppies are showing their personalities to allow puppy picking to begin.

I may be keeping a puppy from any breeding. I only want the option, it does not mean that I am keeping one from each litter. I will announce my plans before the puppy picking begins at 7 weeks and I will stick by that decision.

  • Puppy picking protocol:
    Prior to puppy picking, I will take video clips of the pups being clicker trained and have updated photos posted online. Please email and/or call me when the pups are around 6-7 weeks old and let me know which puppies you are considering and also pups that you are certain you are passing on. When each litter is 7 weeks old, I will call the first person on the deposit list that is active. We will discuss the pups and you will have one day to decide on which pup you want.
    After the first person picks their pup, I will post it at below and go to the next person. If you are listed as inactive on the deposit list, you will not be contacted. If you want to become active, please email or call when the pups are under 2 weeks old to be changed to active.
    If you have any questions, feel free to call me.
    918 723-3052

(NOTE: only those listed in bold are active/wanting to get a pup soon.
Those that aren’t listed in bold are inactive and will not get a pup from the current litters.)
To view a shorted list with ONLY ACTIVE people, copy and paste this link to your web browser:

Michelle Weese- I reserve 1st pick.

NOTE: You never loose your deposit and if you don't want a pup "soon" then you are put on the inactive list. Some of the people from 10 or 11 years ago will never get a pup and it was not because one was not available to them. Their lives might have changed and they decided not to get a pup at that time. Their names are only on here because they did send a deposit.
If you are on the list from a long time ago and want to become active, that is fine. You need to tell me within 2 weeks of a litter being born. You will also have to pay the current price for a pup, as my costs have gone up a lot since 2004.

  • Juliette W. (8-1-04) Male or Female, smooth coated, Black and white. 10 drive level. agility,companion,therapy work.
  • Janet B. (3-11-05) Agility. Black and white or tri. 6-7. Beginning Agility handler. Coat type smooth & medium. No blue eyes.
  • Lynn P. (NY) (5-12-05) Female, but will consider a male. Any color except red tri. Any coat type. No heavy ticking. 8 drive level. Agility.
  • Kim K. (6-11-05) (OH) Male, medium coated. Red and white. Smooch pup from '09 litter. Medium to medium high drive. 8 drive level. High level Agility, obedience, companion.
  • Renei H. (AR) (10-3-05) Male, Black and white. Rough or medium coated. Likes prick ears, Trad. markings. Med. boned.Agility and herding. High drive, 9-10.
  • Craig and Sheryl L. (10-20-05) Pet. Medium to rough coated.
  • Vicki and David S. (3-6-06)(OK) (Paid in full for pup, minus shipping,crate and microchip) Female, black and white or red and white.Medium coated. Agility. Drive and markings TBA.
  • *Karen S. (4-30-06) Agility. High-drive, black/white male with a medium coat.
  • Jan S. (5-9-06) Female, Medium coated. Black and white. Small frame. 3-4 drive level. Low drive, not in a hurry.
  • Patty H. (6-14-06) Male or female, medium to rough coated. Look like Spice, Shep and Rimmer. Conformation, Obedience, Rally and Agility, and most of all soul mate-not off the wall drive, but lively and wants to please-color whatever catches my eye-and blue eyes would be icing on the cake.
  • Kathy S. (6-22-06) (Oregon, Portland airport) Female prefered. Bold as brass. Medium or smooth coated. Any color. High level Agility prospect & family member. Time frame, 6 mo-2 years. Extremely HIGH drive! Pup who stands out in the group as really wanting to work,confident & exploring and eager to learn and do! A total IT puppy! (A Shasta, Kat or a Nana type pup).
  • Billy R (7-27-06) (Kissimmee, FL ) Drive Level: Medium. A dog that lives to please and work side by side with me. A dog that loves life and has a goofy side. Coat Color: Black and White-- a dog like Solar, Fuse, and Colt. Length of Coat: Medium-Rough. Sex: No preference.
  • Carole N. (3-7-07) (Tulsa, OK) Either sex, Medium coated, Black & white, Black tri, Red and white or Red tri. Agility,Obedience, Flyball and Therapy dog. High drive, IT puppy. Biddable, fun, good with other dogs. Pleasure to work with and a dog that has fun. Need an off switch.
  • Jamie K. (7-24-07, AM) (TX) Medium to med-high drive level, a 6-8. Friendly, active, either merle or traditional b/w, no gender preference, to be my barn and trail riding buddy. Lots of energy, but not necessarily tons of herding instinct. Silly and sweet personality.
  • Greg and Terri C. (11-9-2007, PM) MO. S/N Will pick out in person. Rough coated male or female.Pet. Low- med drive. Red and white preferred, but would think about a black and white if the personality was right.No tri color. Should be very people friendly and love to be with us all the time.
  • *Julie S. (1-2-08) (Salt Lake City, Utah Airport) Female or male, not sure. Smooth coated. Any color. Traditonal markings. Excellent structure, temperament, highly biddable, not dominant, great with other dogs. Agility, Obedience, Herding, Family member. Time frame: Not for a few years.
  • Amy P. (1-22-08) Male, but might take female. Rough or maybe medium coated. Prefer blue merle or blue merle tri, maybe red merle or ticked red and white. Flashy, fun, quirky and pretty. Agility. Drive--as high of a drive as breeder advises. Wants to be very competitive in agility!
  • Deborah S. (5-15-08) (Strafford, PA, PHL airport) Male, Any coat and color or markings. Agility and pet. Good Structure for Agility. Love a thinking dog. People and Dog friendly. Medium-high drive.
  • **Lauri P (11-30-08) CA. Agility. Female 10 on Confidence, and good-natured with humans, other dogs and new environments. 10 on Love to work and play. 10 on Teamplayer. 9 on drive. Passing on current litters.
  • **Noreen S. (12-3-08) (MA) Interested in Savvy's litter, maybe Charm's litter. Any sex or color, leaning towards a male pup. Agility, high drive. Passing on Venus's litter

  • *Kyle S. (12-7-08) Las Cruces, NM
  • Karen B. (May 26th, 2009) Male or Female, Medium or Rough coated, Black and white, Black tri, Red and white or red tri. Healthy, motivated, loyal, athletic and strong wtih a great temperament. Good herding instinct. High drive, confident, beautiful, adventurous and smart. Traditionally marked. Very partial to one lop ear and one prick ear, but not important. Good with kids, other dogs and cats. ABCA reg. Agility, flyball, disc, goose control and trial herding. Looking for a special pup.
  • Dawn K (9-22-10) (Newark, EWR airport) Wanted a Vibe pup. Breeding potential. Female, smooth coated, black & white, High level Agility, possible search and rescue. Between high drive and extremely high drive with an off switch. Picking between Amy and Penny from the Vibe litter only
  • Shannon R. (11-12-10) (Jupiter, Fl, & West Palm Beach, FL airport)Breeding Potential.  Female, Rough coated or any coat, Red & white or tri, Agility, sheepherding trials, Medium drive to High drive. 
  • Randy and Brittney L.  (Dec 29th,2010  at 2:30 PM) Male or Female, Medium to rough coated.  considering red & whites, red merles and red tri and blue merle. Males that are merles, otherwise female. Companion to 8 year old son, work cattle, pen roping calves.  Medium drive.
  • Ryan S. (Jan 5th, 2011)(Enid, OK) S/N.  Either sex, Rough coated, Black and white. Companion pet and cattle work. Lower drive. 
  • Randy B (Jan 8th, 2011) (Forth Worth, TX) Female, Medium or rough coated. Black and white or black tri. Most of body black.  Like Dallas. Blaze face. Black covering eyes. Medium drive to high drive, prefer medium to medium high. Running companion. 30-40 miles a week.  Agility, Flyball and whatever else.
  • Julie or Adam L. (12-29-11) (Collierville, TN. Will pick up.) S/N. Female preferred, but either sex. Medium/rough coated. Black and white or Red and white.s Family pet, agility possibly. Now to next year. Medium to medium high drive. Doesn't like ticking or prick ears.
  • Kathryn K. (1-24-11 at 1 PM) (Alexandria, VA. Airports: DCA IAD, BWI) S/N. Male, Rough coated. Black tri or blue merle. Medium high drive, friendly, Biddable, Enthusiastic, but with an off switch. Companion, obedience, Rally, Agility, possibly Flyball and recreational herding.

  • .
  • Bethany B. (2-24-11) (Arlington, TX) Will pick up. S/N contract. Female, Medium coated. Black and white. Open to different markings.
    Companion dog, Running, Hiking, Frisbee, Good with kids, Agility for fun. Summer/fall, 2011. Low/medium drive
  • Robert M. (4-29-11) (Beaument, TX) Red/White, Female or male, with medium/low drive for beginner agility.
  • * Carol C (PA) ( 9-10-11) (Pleasant Gap, PA) Future Charm puppy for 2012.Prefer female, but will consider a male. Rough or medium. Black tri (1st choice), Black & white (2nd choice) Red tri (3rd choice) or Red and white (4th) No merles. Biddable, outgoing, physically balanced, agility, obedience,tracking and possibly flyball. No preference

  • Kathleen W. (12-13-11) (Dallas,TX, will pick up) BP, Female, but will consider the right male, Any coat type ok. Likes smooth coats also. Red and white female preferred, but will consider black and white. Good Structure, strong loin, shoulder and hip angles, over 19 inches adult height. long legs, prefer prick ears, but not going to pick on that criteria. High level agility. National IFC, Fall winter. High drive or extremely high.
  • Carol B (12-21-12) Farmington, NH. (Boston airport, but may pick up) Spay/neuter. Not too large. Black & white or blue merle or red. Either sex. Any coat type. No strong preference in markings. Agility, possible herding. Outdoor activities. High drive, but can still think when fully distracted. Brilliant, eager to work and biddable. Nationally competitive. Confident, friendly, Plenty of speed & drive. Good preformance structure for Agility. Unruffled in new environments, resilient. Quiet in the house desirable

  • Brent B. (7-5-12) (River Ridge, TX, will pick up in person) Prefer Female, but will consider male. Rough coated. Black and white. Medium drive. Likes Phazer or Dixie's looks. Any markings. Backpacking/hiking.Frisbee interest. Companion. Inactive for a few years.

  • Laura J (9-11-12) (Alberta Canada) Female, Blue merle, any coat type, loves people, medium drive.Maybe 5 years from feb, 2013
  • * Kamie W. (11-7-12) (Magnolia, TX) Bush/houston airport. Spay/neuter contract. Either sex. Any coat. Any color. Partial split face, but open to any markings.Grown to less than 20 inches, but not a deal breaker. Family member and agility. High drive.

    Cory S (12-22-12) Breeding potiental contract. Long coat high (or hi-med) drive for competitive agility.. Prefer Blue merle female..

    *Stephen and Barb L. (3-13-13)(Las Vegas, NV) Long Haired, Floppy or Perked ears ok, Black or Red. Prefer black. Classic markings. (socks and blaze face, white tail tip) 9 drive level. Agility and companion. Very interactive, loves to howl and get hugs.
  • *Marsha F. (8-10-13) (Fountian Hills, AZ) May pick up. Female only, Medium or smooth coated. Any color, but prefers light coat colors/Mostly white. SAR Cadavar dog.
    High or Very high drive, Extremely activ

    Whitney H (9-7-13) (Seminole, TX, Midland or Lubbock MAF or LBB airports) Either sex, Any coat type, Any color. Goal is to have the first pick for the next Mirra litter! Larger dog. Traditional BC markings, Dark brown eyes.Happy & Talkative. Low-medium drive. Family Pet/therapy dog/agility. A pup that best embodies Mirra's personality/disposition. (awww-from Michelle)

  • Melissa W. (10-9-13) (Cary, NC. RDU airport) Female only, any coat, any color. Light eyes preferred, but will consider all eye colors. Companion, running partner, agility, and other dog sports. Confident, affectionate, inquisitive, handler oriented, and quick bounce back capability. Liking water a bonus. Upper medium to high drive (6-9).
  • *Kathy & Russ F (12-12-13) Blue merle puppy. Low drive. Either sex. Any coat type. Blue Merle. One or two blue or green eyes. Prick ears. Bart's personality. Super sweet and friendly. Must love cats. Companion for Russ, have hobby farm. 1-2 years from 12-12-13
  • *Rich B. Friends with Mark M.)(Aug 17th, 2014) FL-Female, Smooth coated, Medium coat(?), Black and white or red and white. Medium-low drive. Prefer full collar and blaze. The more white the better. Overall companionship, Participation in numerous outdoor activities and daily exercise.

  • Michael W. (1-2-14) (Denver, Co, will pick up) Either sex, but prefer Female. Rough or medium coated. Red & White, Red tri, Red merle, Blue Merle. Good in social settings, Good with other dogs, cats. Companion, Agility, hiking, member of family, Medium drive

Danny M. (9-7-14)(Decatur, TX, will pick up) Female, Medium or Rough coated, Blue Merle first choice or Red merle or Red merle tri. 2nd choice, Blaze face, collar, Medium or low drive. Companion and to work pigeons. Probably not getting a pup for a while

**Eva B. (1-1-2015) High drive, but not over the top. 7-9 level. Any color, leaning towards a female, consider males. Any coat. Prefer short to medium. Good clicker student. Confident, but not bossy, Friendly, likes to tug, Fetching a plus.

Ann K (4-5-15)(Syracuse, NY) Female, Consider males. Rough coated. Blue merle or BM Tri,Consider Black & white. Therapy dog, Low drive.

Jane N. (4-16-15) (Wichita, KS, will pick up) Female, any coat or any color, Companion and Agility star. High drive, another Kima (Snazzy and Peck daughter)

Penny W (6-17-15) Details later

Harry M. (7-24-15) (Standish, CA, Reno, NV airport) Spay/neuter, paid $700 deposit, Male, Medium coated, Black and white, Collar, Tipped ears, medium frame, Agility, Medium to high drive. May go inactive.

1) **Noreen S. (12-3-08) (MA) Considering Savvy's litter. Active status started with the EZ litter though.. Any Sex or Color. Leaning towards a male pup.Agility, high drive.

2)*Bethany B. (2-24-11) (Arlington, TX) Will pick up. Female or consider Male, medium or short haired. Medium or low drive. Black & white or blue merle.



  • ***** IMPORTANT!! Please note--if your eyes are bugging out because there so many people on the deposit list and you are thinking you will never have a chance to get the pup of your dreams, look again! Only those listed in Bold are ACTIVELY looking to get a pup soon. Those listed that are listed as non bold are INACTIVE by their own choice. They wanted to get their deposit in early, but weren't wanting to get a pup just now. There are always AWESOME pups available for the folks at the end of the deposit list. They simply didn't match the PHYSICAL properties or Drive levels other people wanted. (Color, sex, coat type, etc.)
    We have 18 outstanding females that are of breeding age. (Visit our ladies page!) Most have had litters before and their pups are excelling in many different types of activities! Herding, SAR work, Agility, Flyball and also as devoted pets. References available for specific (Repeat) breedings also! All our sires and dams have had their OFA testing (hips) and their CEA testing (eyes) done.

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